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Yumex Plastik Recycling was established 5 years ago in Adana and operates in the field of recycling.

We are a 100% import and 100% export company. We produce 1000-1.200 tons per month.

We produce LDPE BLACK GRANULES and export them to various countries.

and these granules that we produce pass through 120 mesh sieves.


To make our company become a reputable and reliable brand in International market. To leave our nature, which has been entrusted to us, full of the beauties we have, to our children and to the future with the same beauties. Zero residual,sustainable phase,ın a service concept will set an example to everyone in Turkey. Unconditional satisfaction of our customers and employees.

We as Yumex Plastic Recycle;

We value customer-oriented and customer-oriented service.For us, the most important contribution of production is employment.

We provide employment to our employees in our facility with 5.000 square meters closed and 5.000 square meters open area.


As you know, the results of global warming have become more evident today and climates have begun to change and many generations have begun to run out. as the whole process continues, there is no doubt that recycling is needed more than ever.Yumex Plastik is a dynamic and environmentally friendly recycling company. We are serious about production and quality. We import the scrap from Europe.


Following the new technologies in the world, bringing our production to world standards and reaching a production capacity of 2,000 tons per month are among our 2020 targets, In addition, our new production facility will be operational soon.